Valium Review

Rated: 1.5 out of 5

It seems that many people experiencing sleep disorders these days are quick to turn to Valium. Whether it is difficulty falling asleep or difficulty staying asleep that presents the problem, many people feel that a prescription for Valium will solve all of their problems. However, taking some time to do research into the mechanics of sleep, the ingredients of Valium and the side effects associated with the pill bring surprising light to the subject. After looking into the matter more closely, many people are abandoning their Valium prescriptions for more natural, herbal products for better, safer and more restful results from their sleep aid of choice.

Valium Ingredients

Valium is a prescription medication that relies on the active ingredient diazepam. Diazepam is a powerful sedative often used for treating anxiety and panic attacks. Valium calms the nervous system, and it is used as a sleep aid on the theory that the relaxation provided by Valium will aid in falling and staying asleep. Normally, when it is time to sleep, the body releases serotonin and melatonin which cue the body to drift to sleep naturally.

Valium disrupts these natural rhythms, bringing about unnatural sleep. Rather than encouraging natural sleep rhythms like an herbal product containing melatonin and 5HTP would, Valium does nothing to keep the body within normal patterns and instead only provides a short term, stop gap solution that can knock the body outside of its natural patterns, sometimes causing longer term sleep disturbances than otherwise would exist. Also, many people find themselves becoming reliant on Valium to relax, and after a short period of time are unable to fall asleep at all without the aid of this powerful prescription.

Valium Side Effects

Aside from the possible addictive properties, there are several other side effects associated with the use of Valium. The most common side effects associated with Valium are surprising, considering that it is often prescribed as a sleep aid. For example, Valium can cause lasting fatigue, a hung over or mentally clouded feeling, trouble with memory and coordination, as well as dizziness, depression and impaired motor function.

In some people, Valium can cause even more severe side effects and those who are sensitive to strong medications should be wary of them. For example, Valium can cause confusion, incontinence, tremors, vertigo, irritability and in some cases, even rage and violence. Again, with a natural, herbal product, there is little risk of any side effects at all, let alone mental altering or possible danger to yourself or others.

Buy Valium

No matter what offers may appear through other avenues, Valium is available only by prescription. Therefore, the cost, time and inconvenience involved with visits to the doctor must be considered, along with any out of pocket payment for the prescription itself. For those who do not have medical insurance, Valium can be extremely difficult and costly to obtain. Conversely, many herbal products that have shown proven results with all natural ingredients are available easily and conveniently for order over the internet, complete with discounts on bulk purchases, free gifts and a satisfaction guarantee.

Does Valium work?

Valium has been shown to be extremely beneficial in treating panic attacks and anxiety. However, as a sleep aid, the side effects of Valium make it a physically costly and risky product to use. While Valium will calm down the nervous system, the residual drowsy, dizzy and hung over feelings may carry well into the next day, completely negating the effects of the restful sleep that was supposed to be the result of taking Valium in the first place.

Some may find themselves suffering from the rarer and extremely severe side effects, including dramatic alterations in mood and the possibility of violence. Considering that Valium is difficult to obtain, costly and poses such severe costs for possibly no benefit, the overall price of Valium is steep compared to a natural, herbal product that can provide sleep on a normal schedule without worry of detrimental side effects.