Trazodone Review

Rated: 1.5 out of 5

Trazodone is an anti-depressant that's often used as a sleep aid for many individuals with insomnia. Unfortunately, using Trazodone for sleep means a number of unpleasant side effects, along with the risk of dependency. If you're thinking about using Trazodone for sleep you'll be much better served by looking for a product that uses natural ingredients like melatonin and 5HTP which pose no dependency risk, are available at a much lower cost and have very mild side effects, if any at all. Using Trazodone for sleep is taking a serious risk. Instead of using an anti-depressant with a sleep-inducing side effect to treat insomnia, look to supplements with natural, safe and effective ingredients.

Trazodone Uses

Trazodone is a medication prescribed to treat depression. Trazodone is used off label, however, to treat insomnia in many patients. Unfortunately, using Trazodone for sleep is not recommended because it can be dangerous and harmful. Still, thousands of people take this medication because one of its primary side effects is drowsiness.

The bad news is this drowsiness doesn't just lead to sleep at bedtime; people that take Trazodone for sleep often find they have trouble getting through the day, driving to work and carrying on with their lives because the drug's effect lasts all day. Despite the harm that Trazodone can do, thousands are turning to this anti-depressant to treat their insomnia.

Using Trazodone for sleep

Using Trazodone for sleep is far from recommended. Trazodone carries a number of health risks and can cause a whole range of side effects like any anti-depressant. For example, Trazodone can cause weight gain, sexual side effects, an irregular heartbeat, seizures and even death. Trazodone isn't designed to be used as a sleep aid--it's only been approved as an anti-depressant because of these enormous risks.

Trazodone is one of the most dangerous solutions people turn to when they find themselves suffering from insomnia night after night. This anti-depressant should be avoided at all costs, however, when used as a sleep aid because of the risk of dependency as well. Using Trazodone for sleep often leads to dependency and withdraw, which can trigger terrible rebound insomnia. This withdraw also carries its own side effects and health risks, such as tremors, anxiety, headaches, and more. Sleep aids should never have such severe side effects or risks.

Trazodone side effects

Using Trazodone for sleep opens you up to a number of serious and unpleasant side effects. Two of the most common side effects of using Trazodone include drowsiness and vomiting. Of course the drowsiness is the reason many turn to Trazodone to treat their insomnia; what they don't realize is this drowsiness effects them all day long and can make it difficult to get through the day. Overdose of Trazodone is also common and can lead to priapism, breathing difficulties, an irregular heartbeat, seizures and even death.

Using Trazodone for sleep also carries a huge risk of dependency and can lead to rebound insomnia when use is stopped abruptly. Rebound insomnia is when the insomnia comes back worse than it was to begin with. Obviously, Trazodone carries a huge number of risks and comes with plenty of side effects, especially when used as a sleep aid. Instead of turning to a medication that can potentially be dangerous, look to supplements with natural and proven effect ingredients that are safe and gentle. A 5HTP and melatonin combination in particular has been shown to be very beneficial to most people.

Is Trazodone an effective sleep aid?

Trazodone is definitely not an effective sleep aid. It carries a number of potentially harmful side effects and a huge risk of dependency and withdrawal. These side effects are even worse when one uses Trazodone for sleep. The good news for many people is this: there are a number of products out there that are a great alternative to Trazodone for sleep. Read our sleep aid reviews.

Many supplements contain natural ingredients that are actually much better than Trazodone at eliminating insomnia. 5HTP and melatonin are two great ingredients that carry very few, mild side effects, cost very little compared to Trazodone and are much more effective. Don't take a risk with your health and your life; choose safe ingredients over Trazodone to treat insomnia.