Somatomax Review

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People who are facing tough issues associated with getting the proper amount of sleep, or, more to the point, the proper amount of restful and healthy sleep, have trouble with everyday tasks which, over time, can become more than just a problem - they can become dangerous to themselves and others. For instance, imagine an airline pilot who is not functioning at a high level or a bus driver who could lose focus on the busy streets in front of them.

The point here is that, the constant threat of sleep related problems can and often does cause an assortment of short and even long term psychological and physical problems that can lead to a plethora of harmful and long-term effects. Also, many of these issues with getting enough restful sleep are often not readily diagnosable and, for this reason, are frequently harder to remedy from a medical point of view. In fact, in some instances, the issues with getting the proper amount of restful sleep for a lot of people once they have reached adulthood, is a case of simple having an overabundance of stress put together with a laundry list of other worries which is inherent to people who happen to live in the developed world.

Even going back to the dawn of humanity, men and women have always had to deal with issues related to not getting enough quality sleep and there are a number of studies which have shown that even the civilizations in our earliest days came up with a variety of methods as a way to deal with these problems including elixirs and potions derived from a selection of plants which, even in this day and age, have proven to provide some provable benefits in this area, but as many of these studies have shown, the vast majority of them have never offered any real, or at least, tangible benefits. Still, over the last several decades, there have been a range of impressive developments in the use of modern pharmaceutical grade medications. In these cases, what has been seen is some newer type sleep aid alternatives that have helped to deal with many of the problems related to critical sleep loss. However, it must be noted that these products, as a class, have been reported by many to come with a long list of negative side effects which can increase the number of problems associated with their use which can cause even more problems above and beyond those issues that cause people to take them in the first place.

Yet another factor is that there has also been a lot of advancements in the field of non-prescription or over the counter sleep aids, a number of which use some form of pharmaceutical grade elements, but which do not require a prescription from a doctor. However, there is another set of options for people who suffer from these common types of sleep loss which happen to be based on the use of all-natural ingredients and which utilize newer science as well as, in certain instances, some age-old herbal remedies. These types of sleep aids, which do not have the same type of track record as the others, have still shown to be quite effective in instances where daily stress and other detrimental factors associated with life in the developed world are significant contributing factors. Also, it is noteworthy to point out that these aids do not usually come with any significant side effects.

One central issue that tends to be connected with these all-natural sleeping aids is the fact that the industry that makes them has become flooded with literally hundreds of these items as more and more entities try to get in on what has become a worldwide multi-billion dollar industry. And, a list of newer studies has demonstrated that a lot of these newer products on the market are not generally meeting the standards most consumers have come to expect. In the end, what we have here is the simple fact that many consumers that are left trying to figure which of all of these all-natural products will likely get the job done for them.

Keeping all of this in mind we, as a part of our ongoing efforts to help our many valued readers find the products that have the best chance of working for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about all-natural sleep aids out there today - it's called Somatomax.

Somatomax Basics


This product was designed as an all-natural sleep aid and comes in the form of a powder to be mixed with water and taken before bedtime. The central concept is that the formulation in Somatomax works to build up the level of HGH which is a human growth hormone that we all have in abundance in our early years but which we increasingly lose as we age. The supposed benefit to this is that it restores the natural processes which allow younger people to sleep for longer and more beneficial periods of time.

The product is made and distributed by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals of Georgia in the USA. The company is known for a long line of health and fitness products.

Somatomax Ingredients

A review of the substantial list of ingredients used in the production of Somatomax shows that it is produced using a number of well-established elements widely employed in products that focus on strength and bodybuilding with a solid reputation. But, it seems clear that the producers believe that these ingredients can also be helpful in relieving sleep related issues, as well. The key ingredients include Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA), Mucuna Pruriens Extract, L-Arginine, L- Tyrosine, L-Phenylalanine and Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCI.)

Together this combination of elements is said to increase the productive behaviors of several systems in the human body and brain to replenish many biochemical elements which are lost during the aging process. The end result is supposedly a heightened ability to gain a restful night's sleep.

One shortcoming that cannot be overlooked is that this formulation does not include one or more critical ingredients which are normally found in products of this type including L-Carnitine which has been found to be essential as part of a combination of core amino acids.

Will Somatomax Help You Get Better Sleep?

Since Somatomax's ingredients are not widely known to be used for sleep, the answer to this question is not clear. Additionally, it must be noted that not having any credible or verifiable scientific data which proves that Somatomax's formulation was ever the subject of any serious type of research, studies or clinical trials there is no simple way to determine its overall safety and effectiveness.

As one might expect, there are a set of industry laboratory conditions that the majority of items of this type tend to meet with regard to the most accepted standards of product quality and safety but, as we mentioned earlier, there are also some significant gaps in the regulations when it comes to the sleep aid market, in general.

Buying Somatomax

As has been demonstrated, there is a large amount of research which has proven that many people living in highly developed regions tend to deal with an ever-growing number of sleep related problems related to daily stress and the ever-increasing degree of artificial light. Furthermore, there are a number of other causes which affect many millions of sufferers of all ages all around the globe. Also, it seems that these problems have not only expanded in number and intensity, but in the amount of notable physical and mental health problems which are turning out to be more devastating as time passes.

With all of this in mind, there is one key fact that is encouraging, and that is that some newer scientific developments within the pharmaceutical industry have helped to make a number of new solutions which may help people are suffering with many of the sleep related issues but this extensive list of potentially seriously detrimental side effects make them not a great first choice for a significant segment of those who might be able to utilize it. Also, a closer look at the large number of non-prescription items which use chemically based elements and have a notable record of being moderately effective in many cases but also come with an unenviable list of side effects that, for most, may be less disagreeable than those associated with prescription based solutions, but still come with a list of effects that many who are suffering would consider outside the bounds of acceptable when weighing the benefits. Lastly, there is a growing amount of all-natural and non-prescription solutions that are widely thought to have no serious side effects but also tend to come with a history of offering effective relief for many of the most common sleep loss problems.

It cannot be overstated that there is little to no credible or verifiable data that we could find which proves that this product has ever been the subject of any serious studies or clinical trials. Finally, it should be pointed out that a survey of a large swath of independent user reviews and industry sites with a history of discussing products of this nature have shown that a large majority of those users did not believe that this Somatomax performed in line with the multiple bold claims made for it or even up to par with a number of other products that users claimed to have tried in the past.

Our research shows that Somatomax is available for purchase through a lengthy list of well-established online retail outlets but with a significant cost differential between retailers.

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