Sleeping Easy Review

Rated: 2 out of 5

Do you need insomnia help? If so, you’ve probably tried your share of natural sleep aids that don’t work. So, are there really natural sleep aids that work? According to herbalists and homeopaths that study sleep medicine, the answer is yes. But finding them can be a process of elimination. If your search for sleep aids that work continues, you may be considering Sleeping Easy, a natural sleep aid that promises restful, easy sleep. To help inform your decision, we’re evaluating Sleeping Easy’s level of insomnia relief, beginning with its ingredients.

Sleeping Easy Ingredients

Sleeping Easy contains six ingredients that it claims to formulate into an insomnia relief solution:

  • Melatonin for regulating the sleep-wake cycle;
  • Chamomile for soothing and relaxation;
  • Passion Flower for sedation and soothing;
  • Valerian Root for relaxation and calmness;
  • Lavender for calming, soothing, and sedation; and
  • Lemon Balm for sedation and relaxation

If you’ve tried natural sleep aids, Sleeping Easy’s list of ingredients may sound familiar, as well it should. Far from offering unique insomnia help, Sleeping Easy offers ingredients found in other sleep aids that have been available for longer. While the ingredients’ ubiquity shouldn’t make you doubt their effectiveness, it should make you question if they’ll work better than they do in other sleep aids. Sleeping Easy gets credit for using ingredients known to promote sleep. But they aren’t likely to help tough cases of insomnia, such as those resulting from serotonin deficiency.

Does Sleeping Easy Work?

Sleeping Easy surely helps some people who can’t sleep well, but you won’t find many of them writing positive product reviews. At, a website for consumer reviews of health supplements, Sleeping Easy receives a negative review from six customers and a positive review from two. Among customers’ complaints are that Sleeping Easy (a) doesn’t induce sleep, (b) can cause heartburn, and (c) is promoted through a free trial offer that results in automatic shipments charged to the customer’s credit card, a situation not uncommon with health products sold through their maker’s website.

Sleeping Easy’s reviews aren’t convincing of its efficacy, and you could end up with additional shipments of a product that doesn’t work. If you can’t sleep well and you’d like to try the ingredients in Sleeping Easy, find them in a sleep aid at your local health store, one that costs less, has no shipping cost, and won’t saddle you with automatic shipments that many customers report are difficult to receive refunds for.

Where to Buy Sleeping Easy

Sleeping Easy is available through its own website, where a 30-day supply is offered for free under the aforementioned trial offer, which also includes: a 30-day supply of daily sleep formula vitamins, a 30-day supply of natural energizer supplements, and a Sleeping Easy program guide and insomnia fact sheet. After participating in the trial offer, customers receive a recurring monthly charge of value of the products in the offer. For more reviews of sleep aids and supplements that treat insomnia, visit our reviews.