Sleep Quick Strips Review

Rated: 2.5 out of 5

There are numerous causes of insomnia, such as low serotonin, low melatonin, and stress, to name a few. But treating them isn’t as easy as buying a sleep aid that promises insomnia relief. That’s because different sleep aids work for different body chemistries, different causes of insomnia, and because some don’t work at all. As a result, those who can’t sleep well pursue insomnia relief by a process of elimination, trying product after product until they find one that works. In some cases, the process is short. But in others, searching for sleep aids that work can last months, a long time if you can’t sleep well.

While all sleep aids promote sleep, they do it in different ways. Therefore, one of the best ways to find sleep aids that work is reading reviews of products you haven’t tried yet. In this review, we focus on Sleep Quick Strips by Life Fit Labs, a sleep aid that delivers its contents through dissolvable strips you place in your mouth before bedtime. To see if Sleep Quick Strips offers insomnia help, we begin by examining its ingredients.

Sleep Quick Strips Ingredients

Compared to other sleep aids, Sleep Quick Strips uses a small number of active ingredients:

  • Phenibut for relaxation and reducing anxiety;
  • Piper Methysticum (Kava) for sedation and relaxation; and
  • Melatonin for regulating the sleep-wake cycle

Sleep Quick Strips separates itself from other sleep aids by its delivery mechanism, not by its ingredients. Sleep aids containing phenibut, kava, and melatonin are common, but most of them require you to swallow a pill, not place a dissolvable strip in your mouth. While the product’s ingredients do promote sleep, whether it works better than other products with the same ingredients depends on its �proprietary blend,� information on which is unavailable.

Does Sleep Quick Strips Work?

Like other sleep aids, Sleep Quick Strips receives customer reviews that praise and pan its effectiveness. For Sleep Quick Strips, this mixture of opinion likely results from it addressing some insomnia cases and not others. For example, if an irregular sleep-wake cycle causes your insomnia, Sleep Quick Strips could be the sleep aid for you. But if your insomnia results from serotonin deficiency, Sleep Quick Strips isn’t the answer. A sleep aid that uses 5-HTP (the metabolic precursor to serotonin) for insomnia help, however, probably is.

Where to Buy Sleep Quick Strips

Anyone purchasing products from Life Fit Labs under a �free trail offer� should carefully read the offer’s terms. Although Life Fit Labs offers Sleep Quick Strips and other health products through trial offers that require only shipping cost, customers are later billed for the cost of the product(s) in the offer. As a result, numerous complaints have made about Life Fit Labs’ lack of transparency and customer friendliness.

Sleep Quick Strips is available through major retailers such as, and through numerous health supplement websites. A 1-month supply of Sleep Quick Strips retails for $59.95. For more reviews of sleep aids and supplements that treat insomnia, visit our reviews.