Sleep Ease Review

Rated: 2.5 out of 5

Sleep Ease is manufactured by Life Quest Herbs and is an all-natural supplement designed and marketed to help with insomnia and sleep disorders. Sleep disorders have run rampant in the U.S. and other countries of the developed world in recent years and are viewed now as one of the most serious health threats that people face, ranked right under obesity. Many are succumbing to the side-effects of prescription medications and looking for alternatives such as Sleep Ease. The only problem is that many of these sleep supplements are untested and unregulated. Many are not safe and others are safe but do not work. Sifting through the hundreds of products leaves many wondering if they are indeed sleeping and caught in a nightmare. Sleep Ease presents a formula that can only be called a “super-combination” of herbal remedies. Any products which contain such a high number of ingredients deserve extra scrutiny before being taken into the body.

Sleep Ease Ingredients

Sleep Ease contains no less than 12 active ingredients, some of which have not undergone serious scientific testing. Valerian root has shown to be very potent as an anti-anxiety treatment and helps to relieve nervousness. In recent years this has been misinterpreted to mean it helps for insomniacs, but in many cases, relief from anxiety does not always bring about restful sleep. Hops is said to produce sleep but no evidence can be found to support this. Blue vervain may help in relaxation, but again not necessarily sleep. Sleep Ease also contains black cohosh, which has been used for seizures and dizziness and may help the body relax physically. Cayenne has stimulating effects and may help circulation, but Sleep Ease is meant for sleep, not stimulation. Lady's slipper, like black cohosh, can help with muscle spasms and can calm the mind. The lobelia in Sleep Ease is there to alleviate stress. Skullcap is also for stress and wood betony can be used as a mild sedative. Mistletoe is said to reduce panic attacks and hysteria. Sleep Ease also contains lily of the valley, another convulsive treatment, and spearmint which is usually used for digestion and circulation. With the exception of valerian root, none of the claims of these herbs can be scientifically verified.

Sleep Ease Side Effects

Any medication or supplement with so many ingredients begins a wild dichotomy in the potential side effects. Not only must the side effects of each individual ingredient be analyzed, but also the interactions of each ingredient with the other. The 12 ingredients in Sleep Ease create hundreds of combinations that must all be studied as well. Valerian root can cause headaches, nausea, and even the opposite effects of nervousness and sleeplessness. It is a powerful and sometimes unpredictable herb. Hops may interact badly with some prescription medications. Blue vervain can reduce iron absorption and induce allergic reactions. Black cohosh has long been known to cause many adverse side effects including nausea, vomiting, sweating, and tremors. Lobelia is potentially toxic and skullcap has been linked to seizures and liver damage. The mistletoe in Sleep Ease can cause serious problems if taken in conjunction with MAO inhibitors. These are only the individual side effects. The combination side effects are unknown. Expectant or nursing mothers should not take Sleep Ease.

Buy Sleep Ease

Sleep Ease is rarely found in natural foods and herbal supplement shops but may be carried by a select few. Online, its presence is also limited and most sales come directly from the Life Quest website. It sells there for $12.95 for a bottle of 100 capsules of 500mg strength, although the amount of each separate ingredient is not labeled. The only promotions available are a measly free bottle with the purchase of 12. The $4.95 shipping charge is also waved with orders for more than 12.

Does Sleep Ease Work?

For all the 12 herbs in Sleep Ease, none are really made to treat sleeplessness. Why the manufacturers believe that combining them produces an effect for the treatment of insomnia is beyond scientific reasoning. Some of the ingredients are actually stimulating or can cause stimulating effects. Even if the ingredients for Sleep Ease helped with insomnia, it could not be recommended because of the sheer number of them.