Rozerem Review

Rated: 2 out of 5

Rozerem is one of several sleep aid products that claims to provide a restful, easy night's sleep, leaving users wide awake and ready to start the day in the morning. However, those who have long suffered from occasional insomnia and sleep disturbances are well aware that when it comes to sleep aid products, careful evaluation of all aspects of the product, especially the ingredients, is necessary before investing time and money in the treatment.

Rozerem is at a disadvantage among sleep aid products due to the fact that acquiring Rozerem requires a prescription, but further investigation indicates that when compared to other sleep aids, especially natural and herbal solutions, Rozerem has more going against it then initially meets the eye.

Rozerem Ingredients

Rozerem ReviewThe active ingredient in Rozerem is ramelteon. Rozerem does not contain any of the ingredients found in quality, natural, herbal sleep aid products such as melatonin or 5HTP, both of which have been shown to work with the body's natural chemistry to encourage natural sleep that conforms to the rhythms of the body. Instead, Rozerem relies on ramelteon, which mimics the effects of melatonin.

Those interested in Rozerem should wonder why it would use an ingredient designed to imitate melatonin, when melatonin is much less expensive, more widely available, and has been proven to be safe for use in humans. Conversely, the active ingredient in Rozerem has been shown to cause an increase in cancer in lab mice, and the long term safety of the product in use in humans has yet to be shown.

Rozerem Side Effects

The side effects of Rozerem are startling. Like many prescription and over the counter sleep aids that do not include natural ingredients designed to work with the body's natural chemistry, many users of Rozerem can expect headaches, dry mouth, upset stomachs, weakness and blurred vision as common side effects. However, what is especially surprising about Rozerem is that many users of the medication have reported a worsening of insomnia and sleeplessness.

For those who have been suffering from insomnia and sleep disturbances for an extended period of time, it is an extreme shock and disappointment to take Rozerem and find themselves worse off than they were before ever encountering the product. Additionally, some users of Rozerem have experienced dramatic changes in mood, depression and negative sexual side effects as well, such as decreased sex drive and even missed monthly periods in women.

Buy Rozerem

When you are considering the cost of Rozerem, there is more than the financial cost at play. First of all, Rozerem is a prescription medication, requiring a visit to the doctor. For those without medical insurance, this may immediately make Rozerem too expensive to consider. Additionally, even for those with quality medical insurance, Rozerem will require one or more visits to the doctor, with all applicable co-pays, plus the inconvenience of taking time off of work and traveling to the doctor's office. On top of the doctor's visit, those interested in Rozerem will have to consult with their medical insurance provider to see if the medication is covered by their plan. For those without prescription coverage or if Rozerem is not covered for one reason or another, purchasing Rozerem will require a hefty out of pocket expense.

Unlike over the counter products or natural herbal products available over the internet, the cost of Rozerem can be steep. Prescriptions rarely offer discounts for purchasing several months at a time, unlike herbal products, though occasionally a free seven night trial of Rozerem can be acquired.

Does Rozerem work?

When it comes to Rozerem, it almost seems impossible to evaluate the effectiveness of the product due to the numerous and severe side effects that often appear with use of the product. Those struggling with sleep issues and insomnia are often desperate to find a solution to help to improve the overall quality of their life along with the quality of their sleep.

When taking Rozerem, the fact that many people suffer from mental, sexual and other physical side effects often outweigh the effectiveness of the product in terms of sleep quality. Additionally, the fact that Rozerem can even cause a worsening of insomnia and sleep disturbances makes Rozerem an extremely unattractive option for those who have seriously researched the available products to help with their own sleep disturbances.