Restoril Review

Rated: 2.5 out of 5

Are you considering Restoril as a solution for your sleep disturbances or insomnia? If so, are you aware of what to look for and what be aware of when it comes to sleep aid products? Restoril is one of many products available for assistance with sleeping problems, but a bit of education on what is contained in Restoril, as well as the differences between Restoril and an all natural, herbal sleep aid product may open your eyes and help you to make a better choice with regard to your sleep aid products.

Restoril ingredients

Restoril ReviewThe active ingredient in Restoril is temazepam, a prescription medication. Restoril works by slowing down the nervous system, rather than working within the body's natural sleep rhythms with ingredients like melatonin or 5HTP. By slowing down the central nervous system, Restoril drops the body into a sleep that should, in theory, prevent frequent awakenings through the night along with making it easier to fall asleep.

Because Restoril is not an herbal product with all natural ingredients, the harsh active ingredient in Restoril is not for long term use. Restoril only works for short term, occasional aid due to the fact that it does nothing to promote healthy sleep cycles or a natural rhythm, unlike an herbal sleep aid product. The active ingredient in Restoril will likely put most users to sleep, but waking up refreshed and ready to start the day is a completely different issue.

Restoril side effects

Restoril has a fairly lengthy list of side effects. The powerful ingredient that is temazepam acts as a sedative rather than a natural sleep aid, and that can provide varying severity of side effects for different people. Some of the most common side effects associated with Restoril include dizziness, drowsiness, lack of coordination and blurred vision. Users of Restoril who are especially sensitive to harsh ingredients may also experience headache, stomach cramps, nausea, dry mouth and severe weakness. Anyone experiencing these side effects should consult with the doctor who prescribed Restoril for advice.

Due to the long list of unpleasant side effects associated with Restoril, many users of the medication may find themselves feeling quite ill the day after using the product. This, unfortunately, is a side effect of many over the counter and prescription sleep aids that rely on strong sedatives rather than natural ingredients like melatonin or 5HTP.

Buy Restoril

Unlike other, more convenient products; Restoril is only available by prescription due to the active ingredient being the powerful temazepam. This will require one or more visits to a doctor for evaluation, as well as paying for the prescription.

Those interested in Restoril will need to check with their medical insurance to see if the medication is covered, and some may find themselves paying heavily out of pocket for the prescription, as well as the costs associated with visiting the doctor.

Unlike herbal medications which can be easily acquired online, with discounts for bulk purchases and satisfaction guarantees, Restoril's cost is completely governed by the pharmaceutical companies and differing levels of medical insurance coverage. As such, many people may find Restoril completely out of their reach, even if they do possess medical insurance. For those without insurance or prescription coverage, Restoril is difficult and extremely costly to obtain.

Does Restoril work?

Restoril may work on a short term, single night basis for those who are not sensitive to harsh ingredients and do not have a lifestyle or job that requires complete and total alertness. For a night or two, Restoril may work to put a user of the product to sleep, though long term usage is extremely ill advised due to the possibility of a habit or reliance forming.

While sleep may come with the use of Restoril, it is not the natural, rejuvenating sleep provided by normal sleep rhythms and herbal products that encourage them. Many will find the side effects untenable, preferring instead to sacrifice sleep rather than deal with upset stomachs, headaches and blurry vision. Add to that the inconvenience of having to obtain a prescription and Restoril does not score high in the rankings of sleep aid products.

Those who have found themselves struggling with the harsh side effects of Restoril may find better results in a product containing natural ingredients such as melatonin and 5HTP.