Restocore Review

Rated: 2.5 out of 5

If you can’t sleep well, you aren’t alone. According to sleep research, more 70 million Americans suffer from a sleep disorder, a number that reflects various causes of insomnia. For many insomnia sufferers, the process of finding insomnia help begins with trying a non-prescription sleep aid such as Restocore, a natural sleep aid that promotes insomnia relief by combining key ingredients known to promote sleep. So, is Restocore one of the sleep aids that work, or is it just another step toward finding ones that do? To find out, we begin by examining its active ingredients.

Restocore Ingredients

Restocore claims to be an all-natural sleep aid, a claim that its active ingredients bear out:

  • Lavender for relaxation and sedation;
  • Hops for relaxation and reducing anxiety;
  • Lemon Balm and Chamomile for calmness and sedation;
  • Skullcap and Passion Flower for reducing anxiety;
  • Valerian Root for improving sleep onset and subjective sleep quality; and
  • Melatonin for regulating the sleep-wake cycle

While Restocore’s active ingredients are sleep inducing, they may not benefit people whose insomnia is tied to serotonin deficiency, a condition for which the non-prescription ingredient 5-HTP, the metabolic precursor to serotonin, is often beneficial. If your insomnia is due to moderate stress, moderate anxiety, or jet lag, Restocore’s ingredients may offer the help you need. But if your sleeplessness results from serotonin deficiency, choosing aids that contains 5-HTP is the better choice for finding sleep aids that work. In addition to providing insomnia relief, 5-HTP can also improve anxiety symptoms, depression symptoms, bi polar disorder symptoms, fibromyalgia symptoms, and migraine headaches.

Does Restocore Work?

As with many natural sleep aids, Restocore receives mixed reviews. But you’ll have a hard time finding them behind the optimized articles that Restocore’s producer, Pharmaxa Labs, floods the Web with, pushing reviews that question Restocore’s efficacy to the bottom of search results. But you don’t need to read Restocore’s unbiased reviews to understand why it works for some people and not others: its ingredients aren’t designed for tough cases of insomnia, particularly those caused by serotonin deficiency, a condition that none of Restocore’s active ingredients are capable of treating.

If your insomnia is caused by lack of serotonin, you may need a prescription sleep aid. But you should first try a non-prescription one that contains the non-addictive ingredient 5-HTP, an ingredient that some studies claim is more efficient at bringing sleep than melatonin. If you can’t sleep well and have tried melatonin and/or valerian root without success, the chances of Restocore providing insomnia help are slim. But if you haven’t tried these remedies, trying them in the form of a formulated sleep aid, or as independent supplements, may provide the insomnia help you need.

Where to Buy Restocore

Restocore is available through online health stores and at the website of its producer, Pharmaxa Labs, where a 60-capsule supply normally retails for $59.99, but can often be found for less. For more reviews of sleep aids and supplements that treat insomnia, visit our reviews.