Nytol Review

Rated: 2.5 out of 5
by CantSleep.org

Shopping for a sleep aid product, like Nytol, can be aggravating. Some contain harsh ingredients that you may react to poorly. Some are extremely habit forming, leaving you reliant on pills indefinitely. Still others come with a heavy, sluggish, hang over type feeling the next day. A product like Nytol, available over the counter, does not require the hassle of a visit to the doctor or a prescription, but does not compare favorably to an all natural, herbal product and the restful sleep they can provide. Without promoting a normal, healthy sleep rhythm, Nytol is not a long term or even effective short term solution for the problem of sleep disturbances or occasional insomnia.

Nytol Ingredients

Nytol ReviewThe list of ingredients on any sleep aid is where you will get your first clue whether or not you are dealing with a safe and effective product. Nytol is not a natural, herbal product, so right off the bat you are running the risk of dealing with unpleasant side effects and possible dependence. Nytol contains diphenhydramine, a medicine commonly found in allergy medications and other products designed for allergies. This drug is a heavy sedative, and those using Nytol should drop right to sleep.

Since Nytol does not take advantage of the body's natural cycles with herbal ingredients commonly found within the body, the user does not drop to sleep naturally but instead falls into a sedated sleep for hours, against the natural rhythm of the body. Nytol does not contain either melatonin or 5HTP; both natural ingredients shown to work with the body's natural sleep habits.

Nytol Side Effects

Again, unlike with an herbal product, the list of side effects associated with Nytol is long. Since Nytol is a sedative, users of this product are likely to struggle with waking up, feeling sluggish and hung over instead of alert and ready to get moving. Nytol is also not approved for use for more than one or two nights at a time, as a reliance on the product may form.

The most common side effects associated with the use of Nytol are dizziness, dry mouth, nervousness, weakness, an inability to concentrate and much more. In fact, many of the side effects associated with the use of Nytol are similar to those experienced due to poor quality sleep. The sedative active ingredient in Nytol may put the user to sleep quickly, but upon waking, you may find yourself in even worse condition than you would have had you laid awake all night.

Buy Nytol

One of the few benefits of Nytol is the fact that it is easily available at nearly any drugstore. Those purchasing Nytol will not need a prescription or a costly visit to the doctor. Depending on the store, there may be occasional sales or coupons available for the purchase of Nytol, but in general, a box of Nytol caplets cost anywhere from $8 to $12. The low cost of this product may be appealing, but the addictive properties and harsh side effects leave many purchasers soon regretting their decision.

Does Nytol Work?

Nytol, as a sleep aid, works in the sense that it is likely to put the user to sleep. The heavy sedative included in Nytol will make it almost impossible not to sleep. However, Nytol does not contain melatonin or 5HTP, two natural ingredients that work with the body's natural chemistry to provide restful and rejuvenating sleep. Instead, Nytol will drop the user directly into a heavy sleep, but not promote REM cycles or work with the natural rhythms of the body. Instead, those using Nytol are likely to wake up suffering from one of the many possible side effects of the product, often feeling worse than they would have without sleeping at all.

Additionally, Nytol is not approved for long term use at all. Since Nytol does nothing to promote natural sleep rhythms, those who have been searching for a solution to their sleep disturbances are likely to find no real improvement after several days use of Nytol, but unable to continue to take the product without risking addiction and reliance on the pills. Unlike a natural, herbal product, Nytol does not provide an effective, long term solution for the problem of sleep disturbances.