Halcion Review

Rated: 2.5 out of 5
by CantSleep.org

Many people who suffer from difficulty falling and staying asleep are interested in the prescription sleep aid Halcion. While there are plenty of over the counter products available, some people are under the mistaken impression that for a true solution to their sleep issues, a prescription drug is the only effective option. Not only is this not true, but on top of that, careful research will indicate that prescription drugs like Halcion can present more inconvenience, problems, side effects and other unpleasant results than a simple, effective natural herbal product can provide.

Halcion ingredients

Halcion ReviewThe active ingredient in Halcion is a prescription medication called Triazolam, which is classified as a hypnotic. Normally, when it is time to sleep, the body secretes melatonin and serotonin, which cues the body to relax and drop into sleep naturally, keeping with the comfortable rhythms of the body. When this fails due to stress, illness or various other causes, a hypnotic like Halcion fools the nervous system into relaxing and dropping off to sleep. The same effects can be achieved more gently and more in keeping with the body's natural rhythms with ingredients like melatonin and 5HTP, neither of which is contained in Halcion.

Halcion side effects

By choosing a product like Halcion that does not contain natural herbal ingredients designed to work with the body's natural chemistry, users are putting themselves at risk for side effects of extremely varying severity. For example, common side effects of taking Halcion include drowsiness, headache and dizziness. These effects may carry into the morning after taking Halcion, making it difficult to wake up, concentrate and go about the day normally. For those especially sensitive to the harsh ingredients included in Halcion, there are more severe side effects to be considered.

Other side effects of Halcion include trouble with balance, anxiety, cramps, nightmares and more. Especially worrying is the fact that in some patients, Halcion has been shown to cause depression or worsening of existing depression, suicidal thoughts, memory loss and extreme hostility or violence. It should be noted that none of these side effects are a risk when using natural, herbal products as a sleep aid.

Buy Halcion

Halcion is available by prescription only. Due to this fact, there is a lot to consider about the cost of Halcion. First, for the uninsured, securing a doctor's appointment can be at the least inconvenient and at the worst, prohibitively expensive. Even for those with quality medical insurance, there is no guarantee that the prescription for Halcion will be covered, possibly requiring a large out of pocket payment to fill the prescription. Setting aside the financial possibilities, Halcion does require a medical prescription and thus, one or more visits to a doctor's office. This takes time out of the day and away from work, using up vacation time or resulting in loss of pay for missed time at work. Conversely, many herbal products for help with sleep disturbances are available online and can be delivered right to the home.

Does Halcion work?

Halcion has been shown to be effective for short term use in solving minor sleep disturbances. For those suffering from long term insomnia or frequent waking in the night on a regular basis, other, more safe solutions should be considered. The side effects of Halcion, in addition to the possibility of a habit and reliance on the medication forming make Halcion an extremely unattractive option for many people. Additionally, for those who have in the past or currently suffer from depression or any other mental disorders, Halcion poses a huge risk of extremely negative and worrying side effects.

Those considering trying Halcion should first take the time to look into a more natural sleep aids designed to work with the body's natural rhythms, while not posing any risk of dependence or extreme side effects. When the risks of Halcion is combined with the cost and inconvenience of obtaining the prescription, those who have taken the time to carefully evaluate all of the available options have been quick to discover that the costs and risks far outweigh the short term benefits of attempting to cure sleep disturbances with Halcion.