Dream Elements - Calming Pillow Spray Review

Rated: 5 out of 5
by CantSleep.org

Lots of people have trouble falling asleep at night. Millions, in fact. Just look at the statistics: over 9 million Americans alone are currently taking a prescription sleep aid. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine how many millions more are struggling with their nightly rest, but either can't afford to or don't want to go to the doctor and get a prescription drug. If you too are having trouble falling asleep at night, then you're probably in the majority.

But you don't have to be. You can be one of the lucky few who doesn't have any problem whatsoever slipping into a long, peaceful slumber when your head hits the pillow at night. All you have to do is channel the power of aromatherapy and use it to your advantage.

For centuries - if not much, much longer - people have used the undeniable power of scent to trigger certain feelings in the brain. Smell is a very powerful thing, and when you combine the essential oils of certain flowers and plants together in the right mix, you get powerful sleep sprays like Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray.

What Are Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray's Main Ingredients?

Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray contains a handful of essential oils with powerful aromatherapy benefits. All of the chosen oils have a long history of making people feel relaxed and even sleepy whenever their scent hits the human brain.

Dream Element

For starters, there's lavender. If you've had trouble sleeping at night - even once - and you haven't heard of lavender, then boy have we got news for you! Lavender is one of the most well-known scents with a reputation for triggering calm, relaxing feelings. It's also reported that lavender is a mood booster.

Chamomile oil, another ingredient in the mix, also has the potential to help relax your mind in the evening hours and get you ready for bed. Chamomile extracts have been included in sleep remedies since almost the beginning of time, so it makes sense to include it in this wonderful calming spray.

Orange oil is a pleasant, citrus-scented oil that helps reduce stress and whatever restlessness you may be feeling at bedtime. Citrus fragrances have long been associated with anxiety relief and calmness.

Another great essential oil for promoting restfulness is ylang ylang oil. Ylang ylang has a floral, heady, sweet scent which is well known to promote tranquility. Many people use ylang ylang oil in their aromatherapy treatment in order to promote a smooth, relaxing transition into their nightly arrest.

Finally, there's vetiver essential oil. this is a lesser known member of the Sleep friendly essential oils, but that doesn't mean it isn't a potent one. Vetiver has been known for a long time to be a type of scent which is great for relieving stress. It can also help reduce feelings of anxiety and nervousness. If you're the type of worrywart whose lost sleep is easily attributed to laying awake in bed at night worrying about tomorrow, then some vetiver oil at bedtime may be exactly what you need.

Will Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray Give Me Any Side Effects?

It is possible some people may have adverse reactions to Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray, but it is highly unlikely. Although rare, it isn't unheard of for people to have mild skin allergies to essential oils. The essential oils in the Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray formula are carefully calculated so that you get just enough to benefit from their powerful aromatherapy effects, but without any skin irritation. However, some people with extra sensitive skin may notice a little discomfort.

If you happen to have sensitive skin and you're worried about how Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray may affect you, spray a little bit of it onto your finger and lightly tap some skin under your jaw or on your neck. Don't rub it in, and don't apply too much, because otherwise you won't be able to accurately simulate how much you may be exposed to if you use it as directed.

If you have any severe reactions to this allergy test, then you may want to experiment with spraying Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray on nearby surfaces which do not come into direct contact with your skin. After all, you don't have to bathe in the stuff in order for it to be effective. All you have to do is spray it somewhere close to where you will be sleeping. As long as it is close enough for you to smell as you drift off to Dreamland, that's all that matters.

How Can I Order Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray?

Unfortunately, Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray is not currently sold in stores, so you'll have to order it online. The good news, however, is that ordering it online couldn't be simpler. There are several online retailers who are currently helping sleepless people just like you get this pleasant scented mist into their hot little hands. You can order your supply today from either Amazon or NutraStore.com. The full retail price is $24.95, which is a small price to pay for better sleep each and every night. However, limited supplies are available on Groupon at a discount. But you better hurry, because they will go fast!

Is Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray a Good Product?

It's not just a good product - it's a great product! As we stated earlier, the essential oils witch makeup the lovely, fragrant Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray have been precisely calculated to give you the maximum possible aromatherapy benefits. Likewise, all of the oils in this spray have been specifically chosen because they have a powerful, calming effect on the brain. If you want your nightly rest to come with a fresh, flowery scent which also helps give you a deeper, more restful sleep, then you couldn't ask for a better product than Dream Elements Calming Pillow Spray. Sweet dreams! Learn more.