Bach Rescue Sleep Review

Rated: 2.5 out of 5

Bach Rescue Sleep is one of the latest remedies to be released into the growing market of millions of people suffering from sleep disorders. So many new products have come out recently that it can be difficult to sift through the hundreds to find what works and what doesn't. Bach Rescue Sleep is a product that comes to us from the Bach Centre Laboratories in England. Edward Bach developed his remedies in the 1930s before his death in 1936. Bach became a firm believer in the power of homeopathy and he “discovered” 38 flowers that he began to use in his preparations. Bach Rescue Sleep is just one of many and there are thousands of patients who subscribe to his brand of homeopathy.

For those who are not familiar with homeopathic medicine, it is derived from what are called “intuitive sources.” Instead of any scientific data, these flower remedies came to Bach through an admitted psychic connection with the plants he chose. Bach developed the formulation for Bach Rescue Sleep by holding his hand over different flowers during emotional periods and waiting to see if the “vibes” released by the flower alleviated the emotion.

Bach Rescue Sleep Ingredients

Bach Rescue Sleep ReviewBecause Bach Rescue Sleep is a form of homeopathy, what are labeled as ingredients are not so in the traditional sense. Like other homeopathic remedies, Bach Rescue Sleep is a liquid preparation. The package says the active ingredients are Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, Impatiens, Clematis, and White Chestnut. However, these ingredients are greatly reduced and diluted in large batches. Scientists and mathematicians show that these dilutions are so great that it is doubtful that the solutions contain even a single molecule of the labeled ingredients. Homeopath proponents have recognized that this statement is true, but defend their remedies by saying that the molecules of their ingredients give off a resonating vibe that imprints onto the molecules of the suspension liquid. This means that the ingredients themselves are not necessary; it is only necessary that the ingredients have touched the liquid. The liquid suspension of Bach Rescue Sleep contains the only real active ingredient as it is made of spring water and 27% brandy.

Bach Rescue Sleep Side Effects

Since Bach Rescue Sleep really doesn't contain much of any ingredients, there are minimal side effects. Even most of the strongest poisons require more than one or two molecules to kill a human being and since Bach Rescue Sleep is so diluted, there is not enough substance to cause a negative reaction. The supposed energy frequencies imbued into the liquid have not shown to have consequential side effects. It is important to repeat that Bach Rescue Sleep is 27% brandy. If a person were to drink 28 of the 7 ml bottles, it would be equivalent to one standard shot of brandy and the standard effects of alcohol would be apparent. However, only one full bottle of Bach Rescue Sleep does not contain enough alcohol to affect an adult. It should not be given to infants or small children.

Buy Bach Rescue Sleep

Bach Rescue Sleep is manufactured by several companies around the world. The largest manufacturer and distributer is Nelsons, who purchased bottling and distribution rights in 1993. After a U.K. court ruled that Bach flower remedies are not trademarks, but generic labels, several other companies began production as well. Bach Rescue Sleep sells in 7 ml bottles for less than $15 in most cases. Bach Rescue sleep can be purchased online in an original formula put out directly from the Bach Centre and they often offer 5 - 10% discount codes.

Does Bach Rescue Sleep Work?

Many people swear by homeopathy and even though Bach Rescue Sleep is not homeopathy, it is made in basically the same way and follows many of the same principles. If you believe that plants can give off an “energy vibe” that sticks to spring water and brandy that is released when ingested by people, then by all means go ahead and buy it. However, scientific studies have shown that Bach Rescue Sleep has no more effect than a placebo. If you are easily duped and tricked, then this product has a chance of working.