Avinol PM Extra Strength Sleep Drops Review

Rated: 2.5 out of 5
by CantSleep.org

Tens of millions of Americans have some form of insomnia, and even more have undiagnosed sleeping problems. With that kind of widespread difficulty comes a plethora of treatments, each claiming to work better than all the rest for one reason or another.

If you have experienced sleep problems in the past, you may have even sampled many of these so-called 'aids', likely with varying degrees of nil to mild effects. Or perhaps you were one of the unfortunate souls who found something that left you exhausted and groggy the entire morning after? We have sampled many of those as well.

But when trying Avinol PM Sleep Drops, it becomes clear that this product is well and truly miles above the pack. It's extra strength formula keeps you asleep all night, while the all-natural herbs and hormones ensure you wake up the next morning rested and ready to take on your day.

This truly is not like the rest. Avinol PM Sleep Drops don't make your body fall asleep; it allows it. It engages the natural human sleep cycle to create a restorative sleep environment that not only restores, but rejuvenates the mind. And in the morning, wake up alert and ready to tackle the day, with no lingering tiredness.

Avinol PM Sleep Drops Ingredients

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For decades, scientists have been studying how this naturally-occurring hormone influences the human sleep cycle. We have discovered that it functions as a signal for the body's internal clock, and that the production of Melatonin is triggered by the absence of light from the sun, namely blue light. However, modern electronic devices can mimic the appearance of blue light and trick the brain into delaying Melatonin production. This is why taking a supplemental dose can assist in allowing the brain to trigger the creation of even more Melatonin and start other sleep response processes.


Antioxidant-rich green tea is a vastly popular source of this amino acid. L-Theanine can also be manufactured in the body in very small amounts. It is used by the brain to turn off anxiety receptors, and promotes a sense of calm and well-being. However, if your brain does not create enough L-Theanine for whatever reason, the shortage can lead to things like higher than average anxiety levels and difficulty sleeping. Ingesting L-Theanine as a supplement will help to boost natural brain production and temporarily alleviate anxiety symptoms.

Valerian Root

At home in Europe and select portions of Asia, this flowering perennial has been utilized as an integral ingredient in medicine for centuries. It has primarily been thought to encourage relaxation and ease passing into and remaining asleep. The richly scented earthy compounds of the Valerian Root are teeming with essential oils which trigger GABA production in the brain when taken orally. GABA is one of the most important neurotransmitters in the human brain.

Lemon balm extract

An ever-favored scent in aromatherapy, the oils of the lemon balm extract provide an excellent addition to the naturally-fueled sleeping power of Avinol PM. The scent alone is proven to reduce anxiety levels, calm common stressors, and ease insomnia symptoms. When taken as a supplement in the correct dosage, the effects can be even more powerful.


This fluffy flowering bud is a famous natural sedative, popular in tea cups for thousands of years. However, chamomile can be taken orally as a supplement as well, like in Avinol PM Sleep Drops. It is one of the best natural sources for signalling sleep. This is largely due to an antioxidant called Apigenin, which temporarily stops certain enzymes from releasing stress hormones. This creates a clear, relaxed mind, and a much smoother surface upon which to sleep and dream.

Do Avinol PM Sleep Drops Work?

Yes! The short, sweet, and simple answer is, yes.

The longer, more complicated answer is also yes, but with the additional note that Avinol PM Sleep Drops not only works, but doesn't require a prescription, is non-habit forming, and has all-natural ingredients as well.

Avinol PM Sleep Drops don't simply fight the symptoms of insomnia, but works with your body to regulate your sleep schedule and return your restful nights. You wake up refreshed and alert, having fully slept through each sleep cycle and had the deep, restorative REM sleep that your body and mind need to fully function at maximum capacity.

Yes, Avinol PM Sleep Drops work, and they can start working for you as soon as you order.

How Do I Take Avinol PM Sleep Drops?

Avinol PM Liquid Sleep Drops come in a small container with an included dropper device. Simply place one or two drops on or under your tongue at least thirty minutes prior to going to bed. You can also dilute a drop or two of Avinol PM Sleep Drops in a beverage like caffeine-free tea or water and consume it orally. Either way, the drop delivery system is designed to deliver the maximum potency ingredients and introduce them to your system as quickly as possible.

Dangers of Avinol PM Sleep Drops

Because Avinol PM Sleep Drops are non-habit forming and completely natural, there are no dangers in taking it, even if you do so every single night. There is no risk of addiction or dependency, and no tolerance build-up. Avinol PM Sleep Drops are safe to include as part of your sleep routine every night for the best rest you can get. And when you're getting your best rest, you're living your best life.

The Last Word on Avinol PM Sleep Drops

Many products claim to do what Avinol PM Sleep Drops can, but very few actually succeed. This is one of the rare supplements that is actually as powerful as it claims. Not only is it strong enough to help on your worst nights, it's reliable enough to work every night. All of this without leaving you exhausted with that dreaded groggy feeling come morning.

Avinol PM Sleep Drops blends the best of nature and science to create this one-of-a-kind product that can truly work wonders on your sleep cycle.

Where can I Buy Avinol PM Sleep Drops?

We expect Avinol PM Sleep Drops will be coming to retailers like Walgreens at CVS soon, but for now you can buy it online on sites like VitalDepot and Amazon.