Ambien Review

Rated: 2.5 out of 5

When you are consulting friends and acquaintances on the various methods and solutions available for sleep disturbances and other problems, you are likely to come across at least one person who will suggest Ambien. Ambien is a popular sleep aid these days, but those who swear by it may not even realize that there are better options available, or even what they are taking at all.

An evaluation of the ingredients contained in Ambien against those contained in safe, all natural herbal ingredients may provide more than one unpleasant surprise to those who are sure that Ambien is the best option for sleep disturbances available. In fact, Ambien can present many more long term problems than missing a couple of night's sleep ever would.

Ambien Ingredients

Ambien ReviewThere are two natural substances found in the body that are responsible for the normal sleep cycles, rhythms and ability to fall and stay asleep. They are melatonin and serotonin, both of which are found in some form in all natural, herbal sleep aid products. Ambien, however, contains the hypnotic zolpidem tartrate.

Many of those who take Ambien do not even know what a hypnotic is, let alone that there are several better options available. Zolpidem tartrate is a strong, harsh ingredient that tricks the nervous system into relaxing against its natural tendencies. By ignoring ingredients that have been shown to work with the body's natural chemistry, Ambien can only provide an extremely short term solution, since the body's natural rhythms are important for the health, mental well being and overall quality of sleep necessary to function normally.

Ambien Side Effects

Ambien comes packed with some pretty powerful potential side effects. Some side effects of Ambien are more common than others, but those who are especially sensitive to strong medications may experience some of the more rare and dangerous side effects. If side effects are a concern for you, you should consider a non-habit forming, all natural herbal sleep aid instead of Ambien.

You can expect the following common side effects: headache, vertigo, vomiting, dizziness, lethargy, cloudy mental status and confusion. Even more seriously, some of the more severe side effects associated with Ambien are changes in behavior or thought, amnesia or dependence on the product. It is not only the side effects of taking Ambien that must be considered, however. For those who become dependent on Ambien, the symptoms of withdrawal from Ambien extend from tremors to even dangerous seizures.

Buy Ambien

Ambien is a prescription product; therefore, the cost will differ for everyone. For those who do not have the benefit of strong medical and prescription coverage, the visits to the doctor and payment for the prescription may prove to be prohibitively expensive. Even for those who can afford it or have the medical insurance to cover the medical visits and prescription costs, continual visits to the doctor for the prescription and follow ups is inconvenient and time consuming. All natural herbal products, however, are available conveniently online without a prescription, as well as deep discounts and satisfaction guarantees.

Does Ambien work?

Ambien does function as an extremely short term solution for sleep disturbances and other sleep issues. However, the risks associated with taking Ambien make it a much less attractive option than it first appears. Since Ambien does not work with the natural sleep cycle, it is impossible to consider for long term insomnia problems, as the body will eventually wear down and become ill without the benefit of normal sleep cycles. The main problem with Ambien, however, is the strong possibility of an addiction to the product developing.

Many people find themselves completely reliant on Ambien to sleep. Dependence on Ambien is a difficult addiction to break, and comes with many severe side effects when withdrawal kicks in. Few people are expecting to deal with a severe addiction to a prescription drug when all they were interested in was a solid night's sleep. To avoid these problems associated with the prescription drug Ambien, people who are having trouble with their sleep habits should take the time to look into the benefits of an herbal sleep aid instead, before resorting to a strong and side effect-laden prescription like Ambien.