Aleve PM Review

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Many of us have been in this place before and for some of us the story continues to us as we find ourselves lying down at night and thinking about when we will be able to fall asleep or if we will be able to sleep at all. Well, the basic fact is that this is a growing phenomenon in much of the developed world as people who tend to live in advanced societies find themselves dealing with the stress and anxiety that comes with living and working in a fast paced and often high pressure culture that assaults us all with a high level of stimulation which seems to come from every direction. In fact, not only do we get it from all of the traditional sources such as television and radio and other sources of media but we also just keep inventing new ways to keep us engaged with messages and work from our computers to other smart devices like our phones and even personal electronic assistants.

Yet, another related issue is that over the last century or so there has been an immense increase in the amount of unnatural light that we all deal with and this is especially true during the night time hours which has been shown to have a seriously detrimental effect or our sleep patterns.

The case is that, even though our lives have been increasingly complicated and filled with devices that keep throwing messages and alerts at us all throughout our days, our issues with sleep issues go back far beyond any of these issues. In fact, researchers have found evidence that problems with sleep are as old as mankind itself. And, there is a large degree of evidence that even the earliest civilizations were looking for remedies for sleep ailments such as insomnia. And, if one looks at the history since then, they will likely find that every civilization has attempted to find cures for the problems that keep us up at night right up until the present day. The only real difference is that, until just the last several decades nothing much really seemed to work.

At this time, around the early nineteen hundreds, we began to see the growth of what people generally think of as the pharmaceutical industry. And, this was important because it led to the introduction of an increasing number of options which actually produced results and changed the lives of millions of people all around the globe. The issue that developed was that many, if not all of these solutions, came with a lot of negative side effects and, even worse, a number of issues involving addictive qualities.

As a response to this many researchers continued to look for alternatives and, in one sector, the research turned back to potential all-natural remedies that, in certain instances, had their origins in remedies from much earlier times. However, there are questions that persist when it comes to these measures, so the result is a continuing situation where those who suffer from sleep related issues are often left scratching their heads when trying to find the solution that is right for them.

Keeping all of this in mind we, as a part of our ongoing efforts to help our many valued readers find the kind of sleep aid which will most likely work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about options on the market today - it's called Aleve PM.

Aleve PM Ingredients

Aleve PM Review

This product which is made and distributed under the Aleve brand is an over the counter pain medication specifically designed to be used in the hours leading up to sleep. Its formula is created in such a way as to relieve pain and stress while helping the body and mind to reach a state conducive to normal sleep.

The key active ingredients are Acetaminophen (500mg) and Diphenhydramine (HCI 25mg.) Diphenhydramine is an antihistamine, which is commonly used in OTC sleep formulas. There have been concerns with regard to antihistamines in sleep aids.

Are There Benefits to Taking Aleve PM?

There is no real doubt that this product has a long history of being highly effective in many users. And, the fact that it is an over the counter medication which is readily available in most of the developed parts of the world and beyond there seems to be little argument that it is one of the safest and most used products of its type on the market today. Still, the lingering problems related to negative side effects and the potential for severe liver damage make it one that should be used with caution.

Research, Studies And Clinical Trials

Getting access to the list of ingredients in any product, especially those of this type, can be of enormous benefit as it allows users to see if it contains the most desired elements as well as those which may be harmful or cause medical problems such as allergic reactions in some users. However, there is another form of information which can be far more informative and that is the data which can be gleaned from any research, studies or testing that may have been done on the product. This is absolutely true because not all products that claim to be beneficial in dealing with sleep related issues are required to be the subject of this kind of study or testing. This includes many products which are made in the United States as regulations related to these products vary greatly from region to region and state to state.

Still, in the case of Aleve PM, and products which contain some controlled substances, the research related to their formula is well documented and easily accessible to anyone from doctors to researchers to the general public.

Will Aleve PM Help You Get Better Sleep?

Most of the available evidence proves that Aleve PM is a generally safe and effective product when it comes to pain relief and has the potential to help users get a better night's sleep. However, it must be pointed out that this product is not specifically designed to be a sleep aid and results in this area are less than impressive in comparison to many other options which are designed, at its heart, to be remedies for insomnia and other common sleep issues.

User Reviews

One of the most overlooked aspects of the rise in the use of the internet is the ability of consumers to bypass the normal channels when it comes to evaluating the safety and effectiveness of an endless number of products and services. This may not have always been the case as, in the years preceding the wide use of the web by the general public, many people simply had to rely on the information that was being put out by the producers of products and services and their marketing teams. Still, a general increase in government regulations made it nearly completely mandatory for companies to make pertinent information available.

However, most consumers now have access to the experiences of millions of other consumers all around the world which allow them to get the other side of the story and the benefit of these personal opinions. Still, one has to be mindful that many companies tend to engage in efforts to counter negative reviews by encouraging more positive viewpoints in posts and even by investing in large websites that are specifically designed to show the companies and their products in a more positive light.

When it comes to Aleve PM the overall user satisfaction ratings that we were able to find did show a quite notable degree of positive reviews but it should be pointed out there those that were negative highlighted a number of concerns related to side effects.

Buying Aleve PM

This over the counter product, due largely to the support and distribution capabilities of its large-scale manufacturer is generally available through numerous retail source from supermarkets, convenience stores and an impressively large number of online retailers.

Alternative Options

As positive as Aleve PM may be at relieving pain in a way that is conducive to achieving a good night's sleep it cannot be overlooked that this product is not specifically designed to be a sleep aid in the same way as many other products. And, talking about the number of issues which have come about in regard to negative side effects and even issues with addiction, a lot of consumers are looking for alternatives which can help them achieve the healthy, restful and restorative sleep that they so desperately need. It is for this reason that so many consumers are now turning to a wide range of all-natural sleep aids which, in general are designed to replenish a number of the body's own natural chemicals which are quite often lost to the aging process but which are critical to helping the body to shut down in a healthy manner.

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