Sleep Aid Reviews

Do you find yourself up all night blankly staring at the ceiling? Does it seem like the second your head hits the pillow your mind starts racing? You aren't alone. Nearly 70 million American adults suffer from sleep disorders.

Thankfully, there's hope. The market is full of sleep aids designed to help you drift peacefully off to sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. Of course, like all other health products, some sleep aids work wonders and others fall short of living up to their bold claims.

That's why we've compiled sleep aid reviews of all the top can't sleep products. Our team put in hundreds of hours exhaustively researching every natural sleep aid so that you can find the best product for your needs.

Rank Pic Detailed Analysis Rating Price Website
1 Avinol Sleep Aid Avinol PM

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Avinol PM
2 Restorol Restorol

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3 SnoreZip SnoreZip

$39.95 Visit Website:
4 Melatrol Melatrol

$39.95 Visit Website:
5 Alteril Alteril

$29.95 Visit Website:
6 ZZZquil ZZZquil

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7 Sleep Md Sleep Md

$19.95 Visit Website:
Sleep Md
8 Jatamansi Jatamansi

$22.95 Visit Website:
9 Alluna Alluna

$25.00 Visit Website:
10 Sleep Ease Sleep Ease

$12.95 Visit Website:
Sleep Ease
11 Sleep Max Sleep Max

$15.49 Visit Website:
Sleep Max
12 Midnite Sleep Aid Midnite Sleep Aid

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Midnite Sleep Aid
13 Bach Rescue Sleep Bach Rescue Sleep

$23.98 Visit Website:
Bach Rescue Sleep
14 Somnatrol Somnatrol

$31.00 Visit Website:

Natural Sleep Aids

When it comes to natural sleep aids, the idea behind them is to provide a safe alternative to sleeping pills. Natural sleep aids are designed to be non-addictive and to allow you to wake up feeling refreshed and clear headed. See, many sleeping pills can get you to sleep, but they cause you to wake up in a fog that's hard to shake.

The best natural sleep aids contain proven ingredients for helping you sleep. The most effective natural sleep ingredients include melatonin and 5-HTP.

Best Sleep Aid

After reviewing dozens of sleep aids, the most obvious question is: Which one is the best sleep aid? Based on our extensive testing, we feel confident saying Avinol PM is the top rated sleep aid on the market today. Rich in melatonin and other natural sleep aids, Avinol PM helps you relax both physically and mentally so you can get the good night's sleep you've been missing.

Learn more about Avinol PM and other natural sleep aids we've reviewed today!