Passion Flower Extract

If you are shopping for all natural sleep aids, by now you know that the best sleep aids contain the ingredients melatonin and 5HTP. 5HTP, or 5-hydroxytryptophan, is the most natural, gentle way to boost the body's serotonin levels and is excellent for treating insomnia and other sleep issues. Melatonin is another natural element, a hormone found in the body during the night that helps you stay asleep and improves the quality of your sleep. These two ingredients alone, however, work best when supported by other all natural, safe and gentle ingredients, like Passion Flower Extract.

What is Passion Flower Extract?

The passion flower from which Passion Flower Extract comes is known by several other names, such as apricot vine or maypop. It grows quickly and commonly in the southern United States, and was first put to use for its medicinal properties in the middle of the 1800s. More research into the possible uses of Passion Flower Extract continues, with the natural ingredient starting to appear in more nutritional supplements and sleep aids all of the time.

Passion Flower Extract Benefits

The reason that Passion Flower Extract is still being studied is that it is not quite understood yet just how it does what it does. However, evidence so far has shown that Passion Flower Extract works as both a gentle sedative, and an anti-spasmodic. That is, when used alone or in all natural supplements or sleep aids, Passion Flower Extract both calms the body and prevents muscle spasms that often result from stress or tensed muscles. This, in turn, promotes overall calmness and relaxation.

Passion Flower Extract for Sleep

Obviously, as a mild sedative, Passion Flower Extract is an extremely effective ingredient to be used to help induce sleep in a gentle, natural fashion. By releasing tension and calming down tense muscles, Passion Flower Extract helps ease the body into a state most conducive not only to falling to sleep, but staying that way throughout the night as well. Passion Flower Extract also reduces general anxiety, which can stop the racing thoughts and worries that plague so many of us when we lie down and close our eyes to sleep. This makes drifting off to sleep much easier and more pleasant overall!

Passion Flower Extract in Sleep Aids

The ingredients described above - melatonin and 5HTP - are both commonly found in the best sleep aids, and Passion Flower Extract is often included as well. Passion Flower Extract's calming, anxiety-reducing properties work so well with the proven melatonin and 5HTP that it is surprising to find any sleep aids that do not take advantage of this effective combination. When used in all natural sleep aids, Passion Flower Extract helps to create a product that makes falling to sleep easy, staying asleep possible, and both accomplished without the muddled, hungover feeling that prescription sleep aids so often induce.

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