Orange Peel

If you are not familiar with all natural, herbal products, like supplements, weight loss remedies and sleep aids, you may be surprised at the type of elements you see listed among the ingredients. Of course, there will be those ingredients that may be unfamiliar to the average consumer - melatonin and 5HTP are two that you can expect to find in quality sleep aids - but common, familiar items will jump right out at you. For example, many natural sleep aids contain Orange Peel. Read on for some information on Orange Peel and why, when considering natural sleep aids as an alternative to prescription sleeping pills, Orange Peel is something you should be on the lookout for.

What is Orange Peel?

We are all familiar with Orange Peel in general. Oranges are grown and common in the warmer clients of the United States and used for juice, recipes and just an all around healthy snack. The fruit is usually peeled before eating, and most people discard the Orange Peel without using it at all. Research has shown, however, that Orange Peel does have its uses in natural medicines and supplements to treat a wide variety of issues, especially those associated with sleep and sleep disturbances.

Orange Peel Benefits

If you have been throwing away Orange Peel for years, you may be surprised to hear the list of benefits that is landing in the garbage can. For example, Orange Peel is used in many different skin and facial treatments, as it is a natural cleanser and also packed with antioxidants that help slow the signs of aging on the skin. These antioxidants also help boost immunity and, surprisingly, Orange Peel has been shown to lower cholesterol levels as well.

Orange Peel for Sleep

The most interesting benefit of Orange Peel is the effect it can have on falling asleep, staying asleep and sleep disturbances in general. Orange Peel isn't responsible for making you feel sleepy, or telling your body to keep sleeping. Instead, it is the digestive benefits of Orange Peel that help with sleep. Orange Peel extract aids and improves many aspects of the digestive process, soothing or preventing heartburn, improving the function of the intestinal tract and relieving indigestion - all problems that can rear up in an uncomfortable way when the body is laid down to sleep.

Orange Peel in Sleep Aids

Ingredients like melatonin and 5HTP are found in sleep aids for their ability to help regulate sleep cycles and provide a restful night's sleep. Orange Peel may at first seem out of place in sleep aids that contain these ingredients. However, quality natural sleep aids contain Orange Peel because it is not just the brain that needs to fall to sleep - the whole body does.

Orange Peel, when used in sleep aids, helps to calm and quiet the digestive system, preventing stomach upset, indigestion and painful heartburn that keeps so many people up at night. While it is important the sleep aids contain ingredients that promote sleep itself, it is equally important that sleep aids address potential sleep disturbances. The digestive benefits of Orange Peel included in sleep aids does just that.