Lemon Balm Extract

Before taking any kind of medication or supplement it is important to evaluate each of the ingredients contained within. This is especially true for sleep aids, as they affect everyone differently. One of the more effective and popular ingredients in quality sleep aids today is Lemon Balm Extract. Lemon Balm Extract is gaining popularity in sleep aids for a number of reasons, especially when combined with other natural ingredients like melatonin and 5HTP.

What is Lemon Balm extract?

Lemon Balm Extract comes from an herb, mostly found in Europe and the Mediterranean region of the world. It is not only used as an occasional food flavoring, but Lemon Balm extract often makes an appearance in herbal teas. Several medicinal uses of the all natural Lemon Balm Extract have been discovered as well, and it is common in treatments for stress relief, aromatherapy and especially in sleep aids.

Lemon Balm Extract benefits

Lemon Balm Extract has an extensive list of benefits, some of which barely seem related to one another. It is most popularly used to induce sleep in sleep aids, as it does have mild sedative properties. The all natural herb is used in many different herbal products, even toothpaste, for its noted soothing and calming benefits, both of which heavily factor into Lemon Balm Extract's use in sleep aids. Lemon Balm Extract also has some antiviral properties, which is drawing attention to its potential use in combating the signs and symptoms of herpes simplex virus.

Lemon Balm Extract for sleep

While more and more uses for Lemon Balm Extract are being discovered all of the time, it is especially of interest to those trying to improve the quality of their sleep. Lemon Balm Extract is a natural, extremely mild sedative, which promotes calmness and relaxation, both of which can help with the process of falling and staying asleep.

Lemon Balm Extract in sleep aids

The reason that Lemon Balm extract is becoming such a popular ingredient in sleep aids is because not only is it a natural sedative, it is a mild natural sedative. Unlike heavy narcotic ingredients found in prescription sleep aids, Lemon Balm Extract relaxes and calms rather than totally sedates. When combined with other popular ingredients in herbal sleep aids like melatonin and 5HTP, Lemon Balm Extract really shines. Working in concert with other ingredients shown to ease the body to sleep allows Lemon Balm Extract's soothing abilities to ease the body gently into sleep, without a foggy or hungover feeling the next day

If sleep aids have always seemed off limits due to their mind-numbing side effects, confusion, or difficulty waking up the next day, an herbal supplement containing Lemon Balm Extract may be perfect. Lemon Balm Extract, when found in quality, natural sleep aids, have the power to relax and calm without the negative side effects so often associated with prescription sleep aids.